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With the change of economic environment and the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the development of "green" products to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises has gradually become the consensus of all industries. The parameters used for comparison are different energy-saving and environmental protection products, which will become the driving force to promote the development of the industry

coating industry is no exception. Paint enterprises must have a correct judgment on the economic situation, whether the country is in line with the family policy, and also need to understand the changes in market demand situation in order to achieve benign development. Relying on policy guidance, accelerating industrial optimization and promoting the development of water-based coatings have become the development consensus of Chinese coating enterprises. After the economic environment gave birth to the green road financial crisis, great changes have taken place in China's market. According to the relevant data of the business situation of the coating industry in 2008, the development speed of China's coating industry has decreased from the original double-digit growth rate to about 7% growth rate, which is a rare downturn in history

under the circumstance that the coating industry is generally worried about the future development trend, the growth rate of China's coating industry reached 13% from January to March 2009. In addition, from January to May 2009, the output of Jilin, Guizhou and Sichuan increased by 210.2%, 203.5% and 96.7% year-on-year respectively. Facing the crisis, the coating industry took the initiative to start industrial upgrading, structural adjustment and strategic transformation in 2009. To improve the core competitiveness and anti risk ability of enterprises, we must carry out industrial upgrading, structural adjustment and strategic transformation, which is historical and inevitable. The important contents of improving core competitiveness and anti risk ability include: technology, management, marketing, culture, etc., as well as the promotion of health value and environmental protection value. Policy guidance provides environmental protection direction. Crisis is organic in danger, which also provides a good opportunity for the coating industry. The energy conservation and environmental protection policies actively developed and implemented in China are an entry point. With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection issues related to health

in terms of architectural coatings, the performance and health index of products have become the hot concern of consumers. The specific force on this kind of specific indenter is imposed by Rockwell hardness testing machine with the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous growth of infrastructure projects. At present, VOC is widespread in coatings, which has become a thorny problem for businesses and buyers. Because consumers pay more and more attention to the green environmental protection performance of coatings, the VOC content often becomes the basis for consumers to weigh whether to buy. If the VOC in the coatings wholesale by merchants exceeds the standard, it will not only make their coating products unsalable, but also may be investigated and punished by the relevant national departments. From last year to now, China has issued a series of policies and measures to promote economic development. These policies and measures are related to industrial upgrading, one of which is environmental protection upgrading

among the relevant policies of industrial structure adjustment in 2008, at least five policies and standards have a great correlation with promoting the industrialization process of waterborne coatings. Several new policies and regulations in 2009 will also play a positive role in promoting the structural adjustment of the coating industry. Including the research on 9 topics, such as the opinions on the adjustment of the coating industry structure, major scientific research projects in the coating industry, and the catalogue of encouraged products. These policies undoubtedly have a great impact on promoting the industrialization of water-based coatings in China. Of course, this is an excellent policy opportunity for enterprises to develop water-based coatings. Reducing VOC content and making products meet the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection policies that will continue to develop in the future is a key area of scientific research for coating enterprises

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