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Jiangxi power distribution construction and transformation is the top priority. This year's government work report mentioned that we should vigorously implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy, scientifically formulate plans, improve the urban-rural integration development system and mechanism, and rely on reform and innovation to expand the new momentum of rural development. How will Jiangxi Province improve rural farmers' electricity consumption conditions and help the Rural Revitalization of the old revolutionary base areas? In the face of the growing demand for electricity in rural areas, how to solve the problem of funding gap in rural electricity transformation? With these questions, I interviewed Yu Jinyi, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman and party secretary of Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd

: electricity is an important national infrastructure. Accelerating the development of rural electricity and improving the ability of universal service are of great significance to the revitalization of rural economy. In recent years, the state has attached great importance to the construction and transformation of rural electricity, made every effort to increase investment, worked hard to improve rural agricultural farmers' electricity conditions, and comprehensively promoted rural economic and social development. What is the situation in Jiangxi

Yu Jinyi: in the past two years, Jiangxi has invested about 8billion yuan in power distribution construction and transformation every year, accounting for 79.6% of the provincial power construction investment. In the two-year hard work of the new round of agricultural transformation and upgrading from 2016 to 2017, a total of 6396 natural villages have been completed, and power has been connected to villages, benefiting 5.9144 million people, directly boosting 60800 people out of poverty in 38 poor counties, 1997 poor villages, 221, and the pressure range: 0 ~ 16MPa (arbitrarily set). People's satisfaction with power supply services has increased significantly, and the complaint rate of Jiangxi power supply customers has decreased by more than 30% for three consecutive years

: the data strongly shows the effectiveness of rural power transformation and upgrading in Jiangxi, and the rural power consumption in Jiangxi has been greatly improved. What are your plans for the next step

Yu Jinyi: according to the Jiangxi power distribution transformation and upgrading plan, during the "Three Five Year Plan" period, we will continue to invest Jin min to establish a strong scientific research team with about 25.9 billion construction and transformation funds. However, it is noteworthy that even if this investment scale is completed on schedule, the development level of Jiangxi power distribution still cannot meet the people's demand for electricity for a better life. There is an urgent need for the state to give more policy support and increase investment in the construction and transformation of power distribution in Jiangxi and other provinces in the old revolutionary base areas and the central and western regions

: you said that the investment of 25.9 billion yuan in five years still can not meet the growing demand for electricity in rural areas. Can you talk about it in detail

Yu Jinyi: OK. This is mainly due to the following reasons. The PLA has taken into account the Central Military Commission. First, Jiangxi has a weak agricultural foundation. Due to many historical debts, physical geography and other reasons, Jiangxi power distribution, especially in the former Central Soviet area such as southern Jiangxi, Northeast Jiangxi and Luoxiao mountain area, is still weak, and the problem of low reliability of rural power supply still exists

second, rural electricity demand has increased rapidly. With the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy, by 2020, 80% of the rural areas in Jiangxi Province will be built into new villages, which also need to build stronger rural electricity. According to statistics, in 2017, the maximum load and sales of electricity in Jiangxi unified regulation exceeded 20million kW and 100billion kwh respectively, of which the county power supply in the province has reached 71.905 billion kwh, and agriculture urgently needs "capacity expansion and upgrading"

third, there is a large demand for construction and transformation. Jiangxi has 38 national and provincial-level poverty-stricken counties and 2900 documented poverty-stricken villages. During the "13th five year plan" period, there is at least 2million kW photovoltaic poverty alleviation capacity, which is mainly connected to poor areas with weaker power distribution. A large number of power distribution construction and transformation needs to be carried out in these areas to improve the ability to accept distributed power supply

: what are the main difficulties in raising funds for power transformation

Yu Jinyi: Jiangxi power distribution has great pressure to raise funds, which is mainly reflected in: 1 The investment capacity of agricultural construction and transformation is weak. Jiangxi is a typical underdeveloped province in the central and western regions, with a wide range of rural areas and a large area. The residents in mountainous areas such as southern Jiangxi are scattered, the scale of electricity is small, the investment in electricity construction and transformation is large, and the input-output is low. The benefits of agricultural transformation and upgrading are mainly reflected in ensuring and improving people's livelihood. On the one hand, there is a strong demand for electricity investment. On the other hand, electricity enterprises lack sufficient sources of funds to repay loans for agricultural transformation and upgrading. 2. The operation and maintenance cost of agricultural construction in remote areas is high. The investment in rural power construction and transformation and operation and maintenance is large and the income is low. It is difficult for enterprises to repay the principal and interest of loans only by relying on the existing transmission and distribution electricity price level and electricity sales

: how to solve the funding gap of rural power transformation? What are your good suggestions

Yu Jinyi: I suggest that we should first increase investment in the central budget. It is suggested that the state increase the scale of agricultural investment in Jiangxi in 2019 and 2020, and allocate no less than 5billion yuan of funds every year to support Jiangxi to vigorously implement the transformation and upgrading of rural electricity, and speed up the solution of the weak problem of rural power distribution

secondly, we should moderately increase the proportion of national capital. It is suggested to invest in the rural power transformation of the Central Soviet Area in southern Jiangxi, the old revolutionary base area in northeastern Jiangxi, and the Luoxiao mountain area, with reference to the implementation of the national agricultural transformation investment policy in Xinjiang, Gansu, Sichuan Tibetan areas, etc., and to increase the proportion of national capital from 20% to 50%

in addition, it is suggested to implement long-term low interest loans or government discounts for agricultural construction and transformation investment, fully consider the public welfare attribute of agricultural investment in the formulation of electricity price policy, and properly solve the problem of subsequent investment repayment of agricultural construction and transformation. Give tax incentives and operation subsidies to Jiangxi and other old revolutionary base areas

there is also the need to establish a long-term mechanism for rural electric power universal service. As the main body of providing electric power universal service, the government, in combination with deepening the reform of electric power, should clarify the service standards, sources of funds and cost compensation mechanism, and provide necessary legal and financial policy support for the implementation of electric power universal service

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