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Wu Zhongyi introduced ate high-pressure differential control valve and g1610 slag locking valve

Wu Zhongyi introduced ate high-pressure differential control valve and g1610 slag locking valve

ate high-pressure differential control valve

manufacturing range: 1/2 "~ 12"

nominal pressure: class 600 ~ class 2500

internals structure: multi-stage sleeve type, labyrinth type

features: 1. Full forged high-pressure valve body, suitable for harsh conditions such as high temperature and high pressure differential

2. Adopt multi-stage sleeve or labyrinth internals design. 1. Before loading, check whether the friction coefficient that can significantly reduce the film is added. Whether the loading handle is placed in the unloading position to constantly change the direction of the fluid, and control the fluid speed, and the allowable differential pressure is 25MPa or more

according to the actual working conditions, grade III, IV, V and VI pressure drop structures can be designed, which are suitable for different pressure differences

3. High pressure self sealing design can ensure the stability of the valve when working under ultra-high pressure

4. The leakage level of hard seal of the whole machine can reach ASEM/ansi b16.104 class V

5. The surface of components in the valve is nitrided and hardened, and the hardness reaches HRC70. It is tightly closed and has a long service life; Through the force measuring sensor, amplifier and data processing system to achieve measurement

6, the standard pneumatic actuator, the new accessory pipeline design, can realize the emergency 1-second shutdown requirements

g1610 slag lock valve

manufacturing range: 12 "~18"

nominal pressure: class 600~class 900

valve core shape: full bore ball core

features: 1. Supersonic spraying ball core

The end of the experiment

2. Plasma spray welding combined with supersonic spray valve seat, using scraper seal structure, super hard super matching seal pair

3. Strict anti medium invasion guide sleeve structure can avoid long-term shaft sleeve locking

4. Seal the spring cavity structure to prevent the medium from entering the spring cavity and accumulating, resulting in spring failure

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