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Wucheng: implement pollution control and promote the green development of wood industry

release date EFI Engine Comprehensive detector, etc.: Source: China wood industry information

on the morning of September 21, Wucheng District of Jinhua City received a complaint letter from the third central ecological and environmental protection supervision group, reflecting that the processing smell of Hengli road wood processing point in Jiangtang town is pungent, and the dust pollution is serious, affecting the surrounding residents

after receiving the document, the Wucheng District Party committee and the district government attached great importance to it. Panguodong, member of the Standing Committee of the Wucheng District Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and fanfengxin, deputy district head, immediately led the staff of relevant departments such as ecological environment, market supervision, and comprehensive law enforcement to form a joint investigation team and rushed to the scene for investigation and handling at the first time

after on-site verification, the wood processing site reflected in the complaint piece is close to the residential area, with disorderly internal items and thick dust accumulation on the ground. The investigation team immediately asked the processing site to move out as soon as possible. The person in charge of the processing point said that he would fully cooperate and take immediate action. In the afternoon of the same day, the staff began to clean up the production raw materials in the field. Next, the relevant departments of Wucheng District will urge the processing site to complete the clearing as soon as possible, and help enterprises find industrial land suitable for production and operation

Wucheng District Party committee and district government said that Wucheng District attaches great importance to the central ecological environment protection supervision work. LCD displays the experimental power and peak experimental power. In order to give full play to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, we should be firm in dealing with the assigned problems. 3. Machinery and equipment should not be placed near high-temperature or sun exposed areas, and we must make changes while supervising, implementing and implementing. At the same time, we should draw inferences from one instance, comprehensively go deep into the "re examination", screening Solve a number of environmental problems of concern to the masses, effectively promote the deepening and implementation of ecological and environmental protection in Wucheng, and constantly improve people's satisfaction

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