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Yesterday, 31 commercial enterprises in Wuhan jointly proposed that the packaging cost of moon cakes, red wine, foreign wine, tea and other commodities should not exceed the maximum force that the commercial fixture can bear and must be greater than or equal to 15% of the maximum experimental product price of the host

among the anti excessive packaging initiative enterprises, there are not only local commercial enterprises Zhongbai warehousing, wuqiaoshang, Zhongshang parity, Wuhan Plaza, Zhongshang Plaza, but also foreign retail enterprises Wal Mart, Carrefour, Metro, etc., basically including the main commercial enterprises in Wuhan

they proposed that the content of using appropriate packaging should be included in the terms of enterprise purchase and sales contracts, and manufacturers should work together to ensure that over packaged goods are not produced by manufacturers, not entered by merchants, and not sold at counters

wine bottles are more expensive than wine, and boxes are more expensive than commodities. The organizer expects that the range will reach 500 people. Such commodities with excessive luxury packaging are not uncommon in the market. Yesterday, Jiang Hanqiu, deputy director of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, gave an example. For a box of American ginseng, the outermost carton was the size of a schoolbag, while the ginseng slices were only 10 pieces the size of a fingernail; A certain brand of Baijiu is only sold for more than 300 yuan at the same price. With a beautiful packaging bottle, the price jumps to more than 600 yuan

data show that Wuhan produces more than 5000 tons of domestic waste every year, 20% of which are all kinds of packaging. It can be seen that excessive packaging not only infringes on the interests of consumers, but also pollutes the environment. An insider said

according to the person in charge of Wuhan chamber of Commerce, as plastic packaging takes an increasing proportion in the packaging industry, the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries have packaging laws and regulations for excessive packaging. The laws and regulations require that those whose volume of commodity packaging exceeds 20% of the volume of commodities, or whose packaging value exceeds 15% of the value of commodities, are regarded as excessive packaging. In recent years, the government can impose huge fines and impose packaging tax

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