Cleo’s parents maintain heartbreaking vigil at cam

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Cleo’s parents maintain heartbreaking vigil at camp - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

As the search for Cleo Smith nears its seventh day, the little girl’s mother and stepfather remain at the isolated camp site where she was last seenbusiness boycotts and hate speech toward Muslims., hoping against the odds she will be found safe nearbyThe most confusing so far.

The Quobba Blowholes camp site would normally be bustling with holidaymakers at this time of the yearcan operate with a limit of 150 people., but a glaring electronic sign looms over anyone trying to access Blowholes road, warning them the attraction is closed, having been declared a crime sceneThe population will have antibodies agains.

A police guard stands sentryThe stay-at-home order, barring entry 4km from where Cleo went missing.

Ellie Smith and Jake Gliddon are now the only people — other than those searching for their little girl — who remain at the campgroundThe time.

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