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On site | visit China Baowu black light factory. How 5g helps smart steel factory

get this name because the original cold rolling workshops are brightly lit. After the transformation in 2016, the original manual driving car has become an driverless driving car, which no longer requires the driver to drive on site, so it has the conditions for 24-hour black light operation

recently, first finance came to this black light factory. The scene was indeed dark. Only the rumble of crane hoisting steel coils reminded that this is a workshop that is still running 24 hours

the c008 hot galvanizing intelligent workshop of Baosteel cold rolling plant is a pilot project of intelligent manufacturing demonstration and industrial interconnection application of iron and steel enterprises of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Through the application of information technology, it has realized the unmanned driving, warehouse management, steel coil lightering and other logistics operations; Robot technology is applied to all operations such as bale removal at the inlet of the unit, zinc pot slag fishing, outlet sampling, baling and labeling

Lu Yong, the director of the third cold rolling branch of Baosteel cold rolling plant, told that after the unmanned operation of all links in the c008 hot galvanizing intelligent workshop of the cold rolling plant, the energy consumption per ton of steel decreased by 15%, the comprehensive pollutant per ton of steel decreased by 30%, the labor efficiency increased by 30%, the production capacity increased by 20%, and the processing cost decreased by 10%

in fact, this is just a microcosm of China Baowu's promotion of the implementation of the smart manufacturing action plan (year). In addition to the black light factory, we also visited the site to establish a solid partnership with customers and resin suppliers. We have established a remote equipment operation and maintenance center, an intelligent logistics control center for finished products, and an unmanned warehouse. 5g technology has been used in many places, refreshing the impression of the traditional steel industry

for example, in Baosteel's production base in Baoshan, Shanghai, six driverless frame cars have been involved in the steel transfer and loading operations, replacing the original manually driven frame cars, realizing the connection between the unmanned warehouse and the automatic wharf

Xiao Su, the Minister of transportation of Baosteel, told that this driverless frame car was jointly developed by Baosteel, Baoxin software (600845) and Dalian heavy industry. The annual transportation volume is about 3million tons. Four years ago, the transportation department of Baosteel launched research in this field

in the finished product intelligent logistics control center with a relatively loose internal structure of one or two hundred meters, the running pictures of these driverless heavy-duty frame vehicles are monitored in real time by a huge screen, and the data including speed, front measurement of its tear resistance angle, braking volume, throttle volume, load, etc. are clear on the screen. Xiao Su revealed that 5g technology has been used for the transmission of these data to ensure faster and more accurate transmission of pictures

it is also understood that in addition to monitoring the situation of Baoshan base of Baosteel Co., Ltd., now, through the world's first set of blast furnace control centers, Baosteel's base in Shanghai can understand the operation of Zhanjiang base thousands of miles away

as the iron and steel industry is a large-scale and complex process industry, and is in the middle of the whole manufacturing chain, with a large amount of data, rich scenes and extensive connections, China Baowu has been carrying out the exploration of iron and steel intelligent manufacturing with Baosteel as a pilot since 2015, and has also specially established an intelligent manufacturing promotion organization system, hoping to improve production efficiency, reduce safety accidents Meet personalized needs

How can we redeem ourselves in the case of oversupply in the steel industry? I think intelligent manufacturing is the way out for the future. Chenderong, chairman of China Baowu group, once told me that in the field of intelligent manufacturing, due to the technical characteristics of 5g technology, such as high bandwidth, low delay and high reliability, in the industrial application fields such as IOT, industrial automation control, logistics tracking, industrial AR, cloud computing, etc, How to deeply integrate 5g technology with steel manufacturing is also a huge space, but one of the biggest problems of this kind of composite material is that it is easy to react between reinforcement fiber and base metal to produce brittle phase

in the first half of this year, China Baowu signed a series of strategic cooperation agreements with a number of enterprises, hoping to deploy 5g based industrial IOT in the metallurgical industry in Baosteel. The first batch of pilot application scenarios include remote centralized control of production lines, driverless frame cars, equipment monitoring, remote technical services, etc. it is hoped that based on 5g technology, we can overcome a number of common key technical bottlenecks in the application of industrial technology, so as to shorten the product development cycle, reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, improve product quality and other practical effects

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