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Spray polyurea elastomer technology to the practical stage

on September 26, the 2009 China (Shanghai) polyurea application technology seminar and xiupo polyurea Product Cooperation Fair, hosted by the China industrial corrosion protection construction and release China shipbuilding capacity utilization monitoring index Technology Association and hosted by Guangzhou xiupo Chemical Co., Ltd., was held in Shanghai. The meeting pointed out that the spray polyurea elastomer technology in China has moved towards the practical stage, and has the technical reserves and market potential necessary for national promotion and popularization. The time for large-scale commercial application is ripe on the whole

Li Laizhou, chairman of Guangzhou xiupo Chemical Co., Ltd., believes that spraying polyurea elastomer represents the development trend of the latest international anti-corrosion technology. Its successful research and application in China will drive the rapid development of new coating materials and coating technology in China, and push China's anti-corrosion protection construction technology to a new level. At present, many well-known pipeline projects in the world have used spray polyurea elastomer, or combined with polyurethane foam for oil and gas pipelines that need thermal insulation. Li Laizhou said that the spray polyurea elastomer technology has been used abroad for more than ten years in fields affordable to ordinary people, such as long-distance oil (gas and water) pipelines, storage tank cofferdams, roof waterproofing, garbage landfills, film and television props and military industry, and has achieved very good protective effects and economic, social and environmental benefits. The spray polyurea elastomer series materials developed in China have been successfully applied in Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shenyang, Daqing and other places, with strong market demand. Its excellent material properties and construction technology have attracted great attention from the domestic material and engineering circles

During the meeting, relevant experts made reports on the development and future prospect of polyurea technology, the healthy development of polyurea application, the formulation of polyurea standards, and the application and Prospect of polyurea in the petrochemical field. In addition, they also introduced polyurea construction base surface treatment technology and supporting materials, polyurea spraying technology and spraying equipment. Guangzhou xiupo chemical also conducted a field spraying demonstration

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