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Spot traders watched glass prices rise cautiously. Yesterday, the overall performance of domestic commodity futures market was strong, and glass futures performed relatively independently in the rising market led by the black series. As of yesterday's close, the reported output value of the main glass 1609 contract was also large enough to close at 977 yuan/ton, up slightly by 0. 21%。

from the perspective of commodity rotation, compared with the black system, the glass phase graphene based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating has passed the 5000 hour salt spray test, 2000 hour 5%h2so4 resistance and 2000 hour 5%nacl immersion resistance and other third-party tests since May. After the callback, the rebound momentum is strong, and the decline of the main contract is only -2. 23%。 While other black varieties fell significantly and rebounded weakly, among which coke -21. 14%, coking coal-11. 38%, iron ore -20. 45%, rebar-20. 47%, thermal coal-6. 64%。

the reason is that huhuajiao, a glass analyst at SDIC Anxin futures, believes that there are three factors that support the strong performance of glass futures

leading. Since May, the spot price of glass in all regions has steadily strengthened, and there is no sign of turning around and falling. The average price of Chinese glass [-2.78%] has risen from 1190 yuan/ton to 1212 yuan/ton, while other black spot prices have also peaked and fell with the futures price

second, since this year, the problem of 11 cold repair journeys of float glass in China is an important one-step production line for purchasing tensile testing machines, reducing the production capacity by 39 million weight boxes; Two new production lines with a new capacity of 10.2 million weight boxes; The resumption of production of six production lines increased the production capacity by 21.3 million weight boxes, which shows that the actual production capacity of China's glass has been reduced by 7.5 million weight boxes

third, the downstream demand is good, and the glass inventory continues to decline

from the real estate data, the improvement of downstream demand for glass is supported. Relevant data show that in 2016, the national real estate development investment was 2537.6 billion yuan, a nominal increase of 7% year-on-year. The growth rate was 1 percentage point higher than that in January. The growth rate of housing construction area, newly started housing area and completed housing area of real estate development enterprises was flat or increased year-on-year from January to March. The land acquisition area of real estate development enterprises decreased by 6. 5%。 The sales area of commercial housing increased by 36 year-on-year. 5%。 At the end of April, the area of commercial housing for sale was 726.9 million square meters, 8.26 million square meters less than that at the end of March

Chen Xiaofei, director of China Glass information operations, said that from the recent market delivery situation, the spot trend over the weekend was stable, the production and sales of production enterprises were basically normal, and the sensitivity areas of some encoders were affected by rainfall, which slowed down slightly. At present, the market demand in the northern region will remain for a period of time, and will turn into the off-season by the wheat harvest season; The overall demand in the southern market is general. After the price rise of production enterprises last week, there is no obvious sign of improvement in the outbound situation

although the price of glass has increased, the confidence of glass manufacturers and traders seems to have decreased. China glass composite index 885 on May 16, 2016. 45 points, up 0 month on month. 06 o'clock; China glass price index 883. 80 points, up 0 month on month. 35 o'clock. At the same time, as of yesterday, China Glass confidence index reported 892. At 03:00, it fell 1 month on month. 12 o'clock

Chen Xiaofei believes that the current quotation of production enterprises has increased by a certain margin from the beginning of the month, indicating that the overall demand is in a stable and rising range. From a regional perspective, the production enterprises in Shahe area are still at a low level of inventory, which is beneficial to the stability of market prices in the later stage. Although the quotation of the southern market rose last week, the ex warehouse situation has not significantly improved. Some manufacturers in Central China are also cautious about price increases due to the recovery of production capacity

from the perspective of production areas, glass production enterprises in Shahe region continued to maintain a slight upward trend, and sheet glass rose about 10 yuan yesterday. After the price rise in South China, the ex warehouse situation is general. The 1000 ton Mingjun second line in Bijie, Guizhou Province, has been fired in the kiln at the beginning of this month, and it is expected that the guide plate will be produced in the later ten days

for the futures price, Hu Huajiao is optimistic that the rebound of glass futures is expected to continue, with the target of the main 1609 contract at 1000 yuan/ton

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