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Spring and autumn fire prevention and summer flood prevention Longjiang forest industry forest protection personnel shoulder two tasks

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Longjiang forest industry forest region has such a group of people, they look forward to rain in spring and autumn and sunny in summer, they will smell water and fire and "color" change, and they will also be proud of their gloomy eyes. They are forest industry fire prevention personnel. Because Longjiang forest industry group undertakes the mission of ecological construction, they prevent fire in spring and autumn and flood in summer, which makes them become the "villain" of the "integration of water and fire"

as a large ecological public welfare enterprise, Longjiang Forest Industry Group operates 6.586 million hectares of key state-owned forest areas, accounting for 14.5% of the land area of Henan Province, with a forest coverage rate of 83.8%. It is a natural barrier for the terrestrial ecosystem of Northeast Asia and the Northeast granary

these satellite images are lush and cannot withstand the attack of a little fire. Zhangxudong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Longjiang forest industry group, said, "ecological environment protection is a centennial plan for the benefit of the people. While doing a good job in spring and autumn fire prevention and summer flood control, Longjiang forest workers should make greater efforts to plant trees and forests, so that there are more and more forests in Longjiang, containing water sources, source treatment, reducing the pressure of flood control, and benefiting Longjiang people!"

"it rained heavily last night compared with the same period last year. The first reaction of people in our department was to hurry back to the unit." In the eyes of Liu Bo, deputy director of the forest fire prevention department of Weihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd., this "retrograde" in the wind and rain is the normal work: we should contact all forest farms at the first time to master the rainfall, river embankment and other data

as a "pain point" of flood control of Longjiang forest industry system, there are seven rivers passing through the construction area of Weihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd., with a total length of 175.225 kilometers and a total drainage area of 1846.5 square kilometers, involving almost all forestry farms of the forestry bureau. In 2017, the Weihe forest region experienced a 7.19 catastrophic flood. There are many problems, difficulties and tests. This year is not only a year with great pressure on flood control, but also the first year when the fire prevention Office of Weihe forestry bureau took over the work of flood control after Longjiang forest industry group promoted the corporate reform. The Department re divided the work, trained the staff and fire prevention team members in flood control knowledge, docked with relevant departments, monitored the water level, visited the river and dam sites... They were busy with flood control

two months ago, the same group of people were still "worried" about forest fire prevention in spring. From March 15 to June 15, it is the spring fire prevention period of Longjiang forest industrial zone. The forest defense personnel are tight with the string of "it is better to prevent ten air accidents than lose one in case". They are on shift and duty, stationed in the front-line key fire danger and fast cooling area. They are looking forward to snow and rain, so as to make this large forest safer

in order to implement the fire prevention work in place, the forest defense personnel of Longjiang forest industry group carried out in-depth investigation of potential risks, and achieved the "five in place" of projects, funds, measures and deadlines; We will conscientiously carry out special actions to control outdoor fire sources, implement a strict "three-level standardization" fire source control and joint prevention system, and firmly weave the prevention and control measures to ensure that the mountain is sealed, and China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable progress. We will keep an eye on people and fire; According to the requirements that the prevention period is not long and the inspection is not long, the way of regular inspection and unannounced visit and supervision is adopted, so as to effectively achieve the vertical to the end, horizontal to the edge, and no dead corners. This spring alone, 233 drills were carried out on innovative means and forms to test the mobility and handling ability of professional teams in emergency situations

in the past, after the fire prevention period in spring, fire fighters could still breathe a little. With the promotion of corporate reform this year, the fire prevention department has shouldered the two "burdens" of fire prevention and flood control, and the days have become different

"the spring fire prevention period ends on June 15, and the summer flood prevention period begins on June 14, seamlessly." Mazhaotao, director of the forest fire prevention and flood control department of Suiling Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd., said, "in the past, the functions of fire prevention and flood control were separated, and there were problems of poor information and insufficient personnel in the command and scheduling. After the integration, the personnel teams and equipment forces of the original two departments realized complementary advantages and resource sharing, which not only saved funds and personnel investment, but also effectively improved the emergency response capacity."

fire and rain become "arrows"

"everyone is used to it. If something happens, you can rush up immediately." Sunzhenghua, the leader of the forest fire brigade of Weihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd., told them that they always arrive at the scene at the first time to deal with emergencies, such as clearing ice and snow in winter, greening and reconstruction in spring, and forest fire insurance. They always rush to the front line every time. Now, they have become the main force of flood control and drought relief in forest areas, and they also have a new goal, "to play a full role in opening up roads and bridges in case of floods, and truly become the vanguard of flood control and flood fighting."

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