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Spot trading is light, and the rubber futures market is under upward pressure

on February 25, it is difficult for the main rubber players to come up with real gold and silver; On the other hand, it fell 1.5% below ru1005 to close, but this can not hide its recent eye-catching performance in various futures varieties

under the background of continuous tightening of liquidity by the central bank, the rubber ru1005 contract still achieved an increase of 11.52% in the past eight trading days. "The performance of rubber varieties seems a little crazy in the weak market." A rubber trader in Beijing said with emotion. In terms of spot price, the data provided by GF futures showed that the price of natural rubber from Thailand to China's major ports had risen to $3300/ton, while in December last year, the price remained at about $2700/ton

according to the views of all parties in the market, the factors inducing this rise are mainly the dry weather in Yunnan Province, the main rubber producing area in China, and the expectation that China's automobile sales market will continue to maintain the hot market in 2009

what is the hype of soaring contracts

as one of the main rubber producing areas in China, the rubber output of Yunnan reached 302 thousand tons last year. Due to the continuous dry weather in Yunnan in recent days, the market is worried about the impact on its upcoming rubber tapping in April

however, according to Jin Shuguang, a researcher at Nanhua futures, the drought in Yunnan is only a hype factor for bulls, and the tapping time may have an impact, but the domestic output will increase this year, so it will not have a great impact on the supply and demand situation

"70% of China's rubber demand depends on imports. Previously, there were forecast data that China's rubber demand in 2009 was 5.9 million tons. Even with this data as a reference standard, the drought impact of the Yunnan market is not great." Ruida futures Chengdu Business Department zhouyingzhou told

in addition, the pull-out test car market in China, which is mainly used to make steel hammers, continues to be popular, and it is also a good wish that many funds of rubber varieties try to "sell" to the market. The shore a hardness is related to the displacement of the indenter Measure the scene by measuring the displacement of the pressure needle

"China's auto sales are expected to reach about 16million this year, because the trend of popularizing cars in second and third tier cities will not change." A Shanghai fund company automotive industry researcher once told

however, Chen Aihua, a researcher in the tire industry at Guosen Securities, said that the hot sales of cars led to an increase in the demand for tires, which in turn could drive the price of rubber. Whether the tensile testing machine should choose high configuration or general configuration continued to rise. This analysis logic was correct, but the result was wrong

"we have calculated that the sales of cars this year will drive the growth of tire demand by about 10%. From the analysis of the situation in previous years, such a growth rate can completely ensure the balance between supply and demand by reducing inventory in the intermediate link. Therefore, this should be regarded as a reason for speculation that bulls intend to throw out in the off-season of rubber supply." She said

trading is light

the spot market price rises, but the trading volume is shrinking rapidly. Although the specific spot trading volume data of all markets are not available, the information obtained by GF futures from all parties shows that at present, the volume of goods in various places is relatively sufficient, and the negotiation atmosphere is not strong

three data that can be used for reference are that on February 25, the summary of China national rubber business showed that the order volume of all latex varieties in Kunming market was 1361 tons, while the trading volume was only 573 tons, and the average transaction price was 24954 yuan/ton. The suspended order volume of concentrated latex in Guangzhou market is 50 tons, while the trading volume is only 10 tons. In Haikou trading market, the listing volume of 11 varieties such as full latex, concentrated latex and radial tire rubber was 451 tons, while the trading volume was only 75 tons

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