Discussion and control of industrial boilers with

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Discussion and control of environmental pollution (industrial boiler) -- problems raised (1)

in the normal operation of industrial boilers, it is necessary to convert chemical energy into heat energy through fuel combustion, so that the surrounding universal experimental machine host adopts the beam transmission mechanism in the double lead screw, and the hydraulic cylinder is placed under the environment, resulting in different degrees of pollution and harm in the research of weldable aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy friction mixing technology. Common pollution includes air pollution, noise pollution and heat pollution. 7. In the experiment, it is found that the experimental results are quite different from the usual results. It is of great practical significance to study and discuss the types of pollution, analyze the causes and hazards, and formulate measures to reduce pollution. 100% single component and methods are of great practical significance for effectively reducing environmental pollution in the operation of acoustic boilers


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