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Spray foam is used to protect the U.S. Navy radar radome

as a manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam roof system, thermal insulation and waterproof products, Brazos urethane was selected as the supplier of thermal insulation products for the U.S. Navy ship radar radome

the U.S. Navy radome project is mainly designed for the harsh environment off the coast of Texas. Sprayed polyurethane foam thermal insulation products can resist the violent vibration and other fiber stresses that have been borne by the premier for 11 years in navigation - all kinds of harsh environments through the stress of 1 point on the parts with uneven stress distribution. Polyurethane spray foam is not only applicable to the field of radar radome, but also applied to the thermal insulation equipment of satellite and communication equipment, including polyurea and aliphatic polyurethane finish

since the radome needs to operate rapidly in all directions, there are specific requirements for the applicable conditions of spraying polyurethane foam paint, as well as the tolerance, density and thickness of the paint. Brazos urethane also needs to comply with military regulations when considering adverse environmental problems in the implementation of this project

brazos urethane completed the project within 15 days and was recognized. The completion of the removal of color from the remaining bristles of the project made Brazos urethane win the outstanding award of the United States' polyurethane foam tissue Alliance for increasing water spray flux by 30% in 2011

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