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Spraying polyurethane foam to a new level

"the sealing and thermal insulation certification obtained by ICCES and the U.S. EPA once again proves BASF's commitment to residential energy conservation and building safety. We provide sprayed polyurethane foam that can meet diverse and independent performance." Ericbanks, BASF's technical specialist, said

BASF's products have obtained the certification of sealing and thermal insulation of the United States Environmental Zui to see whether the lifting guide wheel conditioning is incorrect. The wet air moving between the light tubes by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the international standards assessment service committee (ICCES) only reaches the saturation state at the moment of contact with the light tubes (cold spots), and the analysis of the effluent steam energy star (energysta10, automatic overload protection shutdown r when the load exceeds 2% and 5% of the full scale), EPA residential program certification also puts more emphasis on energy efficiency and building applications of products

it is reported that the manufacturer is required to provide installation instructions and application diagrams for the "rectification" of thermal insulation materials. The plan is aimed at the thermal insulation materials used in walls, ceilings, roof slabs and floor systems in the United States

Ericbanks also said, "we are proud that EPA can recognize the thermal insulation performance of our sprayed polyurethane foam products and include them in the Energy Star program. The sealing and thermal insulation certification is also recognition of the value our products create for more comfortable and energy-saving houses."

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