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Spot support PTA is expected to stand at the integer level of 8000 points

affected by the high crude oil price, Zhengzhou TA main contract 1101 opened 66 points higher on Monday, opening at 7666. The intraday price explored 7764 points, and closed at 7736 slightly in the afternoon. The trading volume was 420000 and the position was 203000

fundamental analysis: the University of Michigan survey on July 30 showed that the final value of consumer confidence at the University of Michigan in July was 76.5, which is expected to be 76, slightly better than the previous expectation of the analysis, but this value is also a new low since November 2009. Data released by the U.S. Department of Commerce showed that after seasonal adjustment, the U.S. GDP grew at an annual rate of 2.4% in the second quarter, and the U.S. economic growth slowed down. The government said that the degree of economic recession was more serious than expected, which increased market concerns about economic recovery. On August 1, the data released by the China Federation of logistics and purchasing showed that the purchasing managers' index of China's manufacturing industry in July was 51.2, declining for the third consecutive month, but it has indeed stood above the 50 dividing line for the 17th consecutive month. In the short term, the dollar index is likely to continue to weaken, dropping 80 points to seek support

the slowdown of the U.S. economic growth suppressed the sharp weakening of crude oil prices, and then the rise of commodity prices such as wheat once again stimulated the sharp rebound of crude oil prices, standing at $79/barrel. Although the crude oil price fell slightly in the late trading, it has stood at more than $78/barrel. Overnight, the closing price of the main crude oil contract in September on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose slightly by $1.08 to $78.95/barrel, with a trading range of $76.84 to $79.05/barrel. In the short term, the crude oil price will hit $80/barrel again, but the improvement of demand and the weakening of the dollar index make the crude oil price still have some room to rise

the closing price of global naphtha rose and fell again overnight. In the Asian naphtha market, Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. is not expected to restart the No. 1 cracking unit before the end of September and the beginning of October, while Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. No. 2 cracking unit may be shut down for maintenance on August 20, exerting certain pressure on the demand for naphtha. While naphtha from the Middle East and Suez is transported to Europe, European and American traders are also looking for places to sell naphtha in Asia due to the increased pressure on naphtha inventories in Europe and the United States. Hindustan oil company is still looking forward to selling naphtha in stock. From August 8 to 15, 15000-20000 tons of Indian naphtha cargo will be sold to Daelim company. In the short term, although the price of naphtha in Asia has hit a five week high, the upward pressure is becoming stronger. Naphtha cracking spread fell from a one month high. The price of naphtha in Europe fell slightly by $1.75/ton

the global PX market prices rose steadily overnight. In the Asian PX market, the closing price of FOB South Korea PX rose slightly by US $0.5 to US $876.5-877.5/ton, and the closing price of CFR Taiwan PX rose slightly to achieve the positive design of VOCs by US $0.5 to US $891.5-892.5/ton. Prices continue to remain stable in the European PX market. In the U.S. PX market, the closing price of PX in FOB Gulf region rose slightly by $11-12 to 892.5-897. Special attention should be paid to the effective travel of electronic tensile machine and sample fixture 5 dollars/ton

in the PTA spot market, the settlement price of Sinopec PTA sales company in July was 7250 yuan/ton, and the listing price in August was 7350 yuan/ton. The rebound in crude oil prices, the sharp strengthening of futures prices and the rise in polyester prices have made PTA spot prices stronger again in the East China market. In the East China market, traders offer 7250-7300 yuan/ton, and downstream enterprises intend to purchase 7150-7200 yuan/ton. Traders in the market are reluctant to sell at low prices, the market inquiry situation has improved, and the market trading atmosphere has improved. In the Asian PTA market, the quotation of CFR China made in Taiwan is 875-880 US dollars/ton, and the intended purchase price of downstream enterprises is 870-875 US dollars/ton. The market transaction situation has improved slightly

for goods on the PTA industrial chain, in the polyester market, the rise of PTA and MEG prices has made the polyester market price stable and strong. In the East China market, the three-month acceptance price for spot transactions of semi gloss chips is 9150 yuan/ton, and the cash price is 9100 yuan/ton. The transaction situation in the polyester market is general, but the trading volume is stable and slightly stronger. In the polyester market, the dull price in the East China market rose again, with an increase range of 100-300 yuan/ton. In the short term, there is still some room for polyester prices in the East China market to rise

to sum up: the rebound in crude oil prices, the strengthening of the stock market, and the continuous rise in downstream polyester prices have led to a certain rise in the futures price in the short term. Each batch should be made up of the same brand, the same furnace and tank number, the same grade, the same variety, the same size, and the same delivery status. The futures price is likely to stand at the 8000 point integer level again. In terms of operation, many low-level orders in the early stage will continue to hold under the condition of setting the range to stop winning, and the short seller's futures price will step back on the ma6 to the 2020 0 Average, and many orders will intervene to stop the Ma5 average

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