The hottest spring afforestation in Hebei is 18.05

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Hebei Province has 1.805 million mu of afforestation and greening in spring

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it was learned from the forestry and grassland Bureau of Hebei Province that as of March 28, Hebei Province has completed 1.805 million mu of afforestation and greening this year, including 1.403 million mu of artificial afforestation and 402000 mu of mountain closure for afforestation, 1 percentage point higher than the same period last year

focusing on the positioning of building the capital's water conservation functional area and the Beijing Tianjin Hebei ecological environment support area, this year, our province will continue to carry out "2234" afforestation and greening, focusing on areas with fragile ecological environment and key ecological functional areas. Vigorously implement the key projects of land greening, continue to carry out large-scale planting, such as the development of small cities, afforestation, comprehensively promote the construction of forest cities, and constantly improve the level of land greening

the general office of Hebei provincial government issued the notice on Issuing the task of planting forests in 2020, which divided the task of 8 million mu of afforestation into cities, and put forward the requirements of refining objectives, compacting, innovating systems and mechanisms, scientific and frugal afforestation, etc

Hebei Forestry and grassland Bureau, while urging all regions to "three in place" afforestation plots, nursery stock materials and objectives in spring, organized the competent forestry and grass departments of all cities to refine the tasks and objectives, formulate implementation plans, and truly implement the afforestation tasks to counties, townships and villages, to mountains and plots, write them on paper and mark them on maps, so as to achieve operations with maps, tables and wall charts

since this year, a total of 74 counties (cities, districts) in the province have applied for the establishment of national and provincial forest cities, of which 39 counties (cities, districts) have applied for the establishment of national forest cities. At the same time, in order to do a good job in promoting the establishment of forest cities during the epidemic prevention and control period, Hebei Forestry and grass Bureau has timely communicated and shared the latest progress and application requirements of the establishment of forest cities through e-government platforms and groups, and guided all regions to do a good job in the establishment

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