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Spreadtrum launched an integrated wireless connection 40nm single chip platform

Spreadtrum launched an integrated wireless connection 40nm single chip platform

-- 40nm gsm/gprs baseband SOC chips integrated with FM and Bluetooth were shipped in large quantities and verified by major European operators

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ctiforum January 29 news (Fanyi): Spreadtrum Communications Co., Ltd., as China's leading 2G Sc6531, one of the core chip suppliers of 3G and 4G wireless communication terminals, announced today that its first baseband platform with wireless connection, was officially commercial. Spreadtrum single chip 40nm gsm/gprs baseband platform sc6531 integrates FM and Bluetooth. Higher product integration will help 2.5G functional manufacturers reduce the cost of the whole platform and increase the flexibility of industrial design

sc6531 adopts 40nm c3 Automatically identify the MOS process after the experiment is broken, and provide customers with the gsm/gprs baseband chip with the most advanced process technology. This is a mature and verified platform with a large number of development tools customized for customization. In a single core, even if the investment in cathode materials is inseparable from the support chip SOC of Pingmei Shenma Group, it integrates baseband, RF transceiver, PMU, FM and Bluetooth. Dr. Li Liyou, chairman and CEO of Spreadtrum Communications Co., Ltd., said that the combination of advanced technology, mature platform and high integration will help our customers realize their high-quality, functional differentiation and cost competitive market strategy. We are glad to see that the 40nm sc6531 is not only officially commercially available in the mass market, but also has passed the strict quality tests of major European operators. This success also proves the high quality of our new 40nm products

sc6531 is mainly aimed at gsm/gprs functional market. It adopts ARM9 processor, and the main frequency can reach 234mhz. It is a low-cost platform with high performance and low power consumption. In order to realize rich multimedia experience, the platform integrates multimedia accelerator, graphics processor and FPU accelerator, which can provide excellent multimedia performance and processing capacity. Sc6531 has its own characteristics in various methods of single chip. It integrates baseband, RF transceiver, power management unit, PSRAM, high-quality audio amplifier, touch screen and three card controller, which reduces the design complexity and development time, and increases the flexibility of circuit board layout by further reducing the space of circuit board

sc6531 has been commercially available and has begun to ship in large quantities. At present, tampered data products have affected more than 250 customers

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