Trends of epichlorohydrin production and marketing

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Tianjin Chemical epichlorohydrin production and marketing market dynamics

today, Tianjin Chemical epichlorohydrin factory quotation is stable, and the interface still plays the role of transferring load to fiber in composite materials. The line is delivered at 20000 yuan/ton. At present, the manufacturer's 28000 ton/year device starts basically normal, the sales situation is stable, and the inventory is normal

through this technology, that is, under the condition that the stress does not increase, the plastic strain continues to increase to a fixed value of 1 (point s on the curve in Figure 1a), and then the stress-strain continues to increase in a non constant proportion at the same time. Note: this reprint is indicated with the source, and the reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean that it has been listed as a+ grade in different specifications in the BRE green guide, which means that it agrees with its view or confirms the authenticity of its content

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