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Xichai qianheng won the title of "China's outstanding quality person"

Xichai qianheng won the title of "China's outstanding quality person"

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on the morning of December 14, the 2016 "China's outstanding quality person" award ceremony was held at the Diaoyutai State Hotel in Beijing. Qian Hengrong, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Wuxi Diesel Engine Plant of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xichai"), and other 10 people were awarded the title of "2016 China's outstanding quality person". This is the heavyweight national quality individual award that Xichai won after winning the "National Quality Award". Qian Hengrong also became the only winner in China's internal combustion engine industry this year

"China outstanding quality people" selection activity was jointly launched by the China Quality Association and the all China Federation of trade unions in 2005. It aims to select outstanding quality people nationwide and provide a model and benchmark for China's quality people. This year, the selection activity is themed with "innovation driven - entering the quality era". After strict evaluation and publicity at all levels, 10 people including Qian Hengrong were finally listed on the list of "China's outstanding quality people" in 2016

Xichai qianheng won the title of "outstanding quality person in China"

Qian Hengrong, who has 33 years of experience in internal combustion engine development and organization management, personally organized and participated in a series of groundbreaking major projects such as the independent development of China's first four valve high-power diesel engine, the research and development and technological innovation of high-quality J6 heavy-duty vehicles and heavy-duty diesel engines, and made important contributions to promoting the technological progress of the domestic diesel engine industry. Since 2007, he has been the director of FAW Jiefang Xichai factory. With the vision of a wise man, the perseverance of a brave man, and the persistence of a walker, he has led and insisted on promoting quality management with technological R & D and innovation. He focuses on excellent performance and constantly sublimates the cultural connotation of quality. Under its guidance, Xichai has unswervingly promoted excellent performance management, focused on quality, efficiency and efficiency, paid close attention to brand, innovation and management, achieved the "double harvest" of developing quality and efficiency, and created a miracle of 2million kilometers without overhaul. The 1000 car claim of Xichai machine is just the opposite of the short-term development of vehicles. The frequency 12mis has reached the world-class level, and the brand value of Xichai is as high as 10.229 billion yuan. Under the leadership of Qian Hengrong, the enterprise's profits have increased significantly. A batch of RE development results of dual-use technologies for military and civil use have been selected and released in the market sales of heavy-duty engines with more than 350 horsepower, ranking first in the industry. The market sales of 11 liter engines have remained absolutely leading in the industry for four consecutive years. The enterprise has won the "national enterprise culture demonstration base" and "annual evaluation and commendation of brand competitiveness of Chinese industrial enterprises" "National Quality Award" and other honors. Qian Hengrong himself and the project team led by him have also won major honors such as the first prize and the second prize of the national science and technology progress award, and won honorary titles such as "the fifth national excellent entrepreneur in machinery industry", "national excellent quality management operator in machinery industry", "star entrepreneur in China's machinery industry"

"our goal is to achieve two major links and two leading positions: the product level is in line with international standards, and the management level is in line with international standards. The technical level of diesel engine is leading in the industry, and the brand influence is leading in the world." Qian Hengrong led Xichai people to practice the concept of total quality management, effectively implemented the excellent performance model, made persistent progress towards the established goals, and achieved the leapfrog development of the enterprise with the profound insight of the enterprise's practitioners other than ixsenic technology. He has become a banner for China's independent engine industry to rise up in adversity. It can be said that the award is well deserved. (this article is from Xichai)

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