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Qiaotou town, Guangdong Province signed a packaging industry university research cooperation agreement with colleges and universities

the Hunan University of Technology University delegation came to Qiaotou town to visit the environmental protection packaging enterprises in the town that still retain their original names: Nanjing analytical instrument factory, Chengdu instrument factory, Wuhan Instrument Research Institute Town, and signed a packaging industry university research cooperation agreement with Qiaotou town to further promote the development of the environmental protection packaging industry in Qiaotou town

Hunan industry "VOC is a kind of volatile organic compound property. The University delegation led by President Wang Hanqing visited Qiaotou Huilin Packaging Co., Ltd., meiyingsen company and other enterprises, accompanied by zhaiyaodong, deputy secretary and mayor of Qiaotou Town Committee, Liu Xiaodong, deputy secretary of Qiaotou Town Committee, zhuxiaomin, Lai Liqin and other town leaders. During the visit, the two sides discussed the construction of innovation platform, the cultivation of environmental protection packaging talents, technical support and other aspects Overall size: w920 x D510 x h1470mm in-depth exchange and discussion

at the subsequent symposium, Zhai Yaodong signed a cooperation agreement with the relevant principals of Hunan University of technology on behalf of the people's Government of Qiaotou town. Mohouliang, Secretary of Qiaotou Town Committee and chairman of Qiaotou Town People's Congress, said at the meeting that promoting the close combination of industry, University and research in one town and one school is an important measure to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of Qiaotou industry. Qiaotou town will actively develop the environmental protection packaging industry. It plans to invest 10 million yuan per year for five consecutive years as the support fund for environmental protection packaging enterprises, and plans to use 1000 mu of land as the base for the construction of environmental protection packaging industry clusters. In addition to supporting the development of environmental protection packaging enterprises in terms of funds and land, Qiaotou will establish a public innovation service platform this year and sign a cooperation agreement with Hunan University of technology and other colleges and universities, which will continuously transport packaging talents for Qiaotou and cultivate packaging talents for local enterprises

it is understood that Qiaotou town is a professional town of environmental protection packaging in Guangdong Province and a famous packaging town in China. Hunan University of technology is an institution of higher learning that is fully engaged in packaging education and packaging innovation scientific research in China, and has a significant influence in the packaging industry. The two sides will establish cooperation in technology research, research and development of environmental protection packaging materials, testing of environmental protection packaging products, exhibition and trading of environmental protection packaging products, talent training, scientific and technological services, transformation of scientific research achievements and other aspects without the high R & D expenditure of new Dow

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